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Title: Mike  3/8/2014 8:29:28 PM
I have been a faithful cusotmer of your resteraunt for 9 years. Howver tonight 6.8.2014 @ 1924 hrs. your female order taker was rude and discourtious. When I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that there were no supervisors on duty. I also expressed my dispeasure with the delivery man who told me his name was Daniel. He told me that this girl has been a problem and treats her co-workers "like garbage". My faily loves your food and we don't want to stop doing business with you. But this girl needs to change or find another line of work..
Title:   2014-01-01T14:08:28.054-08:00
my name is seaser doggatin i have order some food delivery at 117 west cuyahoga falls ave akron ohio 44310 and would like to know how long will the delivery be
Title: How long For Wait  2/20/2015 4:36:22 PM
i live at 1569 oakwood ave 44301 akron ohio and i just ordered something i would like to know how long the wait will be
Title: Tracey Jones  12/24/2012 6:42:40 PM
Someone used my checking card or number at your restaurant 12/24/12. I have never been to Ohio in my life and want a manager to contact me immediately!!!!! 321-205-4736
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